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Eating With A Fork

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Sunnat method of eating!

Sheikh Abdu of Al-Azhar university in Egypt
had visited India. He visited Darul Uloom Deoband as well, and had meals with
Hadrat Moulana Anwar Shah Kashmiri Rahimahullah. He told Moulana Anwar Shah
Kashmiri Rahimahullah, “Why don’t you also eat with the fork and spoon (as the
Egyptians generally eat).” Moulana immediately stretched out his hand with his
four fingers stretched out and said, “I am eating with a fork!” (As a fork has
got 4 throngs, my hand has also got 4 throngs!) He then said, “my fork is better
than your fork in 4 ways:”


1.My fork can feel the temperature of the
food whilst your fork cannot.


2. My fork can bend and catch hold of the
food easily, whilst your fork cannot. I notice how you suffer to get hold of
your food.


3. If my fork hits against my teeth or gums
I do not feel any real pain, whilst your fork causes you great pain.


4. My fork excretes a fluid after eating which helps with digestion, whilst
your fork is unable to do so.


Hadrat Maulana Abdul Hamid Saheb Daamat
Barakaatuhum has added three more points to the above,


1.My fork is made by Allah Ta’ala whilst
your fork is man-made. If it is made in China, it will most probably break
during the course of the first meal.


2. I personally wash my fork before meals
(which is sunnat), whilst your fork is washed by somebody else if it is


3. The greatest benefit of all is that my
fork is sunnat, whilst your fork is the way of the enemies of Islam, the way of


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