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Reversion To Islam Stories


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Turbulence during Flight makes a person accept the truth


A Brother became Muslim due to turbulence. He said that on the flight everybody was happy and enjoying until Turbulence started.

At this point, everybody who were unaware of God, started praying (in many different ways) to be saved.


After Turbulence, they went back to listening to Music or whatever.


This made him think about God.


So he thought this “God” stuff is incorrect because people use it as comfort. He then decided to read religious books and pick out inconsistencies.

He read the bible and there were many things he found which were inconsistent.


He read the Bhagavad Gita and also found many inconsistencies.

Read some other book as well and found inconsistencies.


He didn’t bother with the Qur’aan at all.

Some years later someone gifted him a Qur’aan.


He read the first page and came across the verse “This is the Book in which there is no doubt!” He thought, “What an arrogant claim from a book!” so he took the challenge of finding things wrong with the this "arrogant Book" to defeat the claim.


He couldn’t.


So he told his Nafs that if you cannot find anything wrong with this Book and if you still don’t believe in it, then you are stubborn and arrogant because your challenge has been defeated.


So he accepted Islam.

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Daughter of Italian Politician Reverts To Islam


Italian former parliamentarian has reverted to Islam and donned Islamic hijab, a decision which sparked uproar across Italy.

“The hijab is my way, the way that Allah has chosen for me,” Manuela Franco Barbato, now Aysha, wrote on her Facebook account, Il Giornale daily reported on May 26.



“I am proud of the purity of my soul. This is the divine law, who am I to object?”

Aysha is the daughter of a former MP for Italy of Values party Franco Barbato.

The young woman decided to revert to Islam while studying in the Università L’orientale of Napoli.



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