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  1. One thing I would like to mention that is separate from the rituals and importance of Umrah is the financials. I have recently performed Umrah and like to share with you some amazing truths and facts to know before purchasing tickets and packages. Go for the entire package - dont go for tickets only and try to find the best hotel yourself - very hard since you do not know the terrain Mecca is not flat and many of the roads are uphills and this needs to be known if you are accompanying older people Umrah In Ramadan is too expensive - almost triple the same price Umrah in Rabi Ul Awal is
  2. The question is beautiful. But is very diverse. The Ideal Woman cannot be limited to a wife role. She has to be a sister, mother, daughter and neighbor among many other things. And all the Islamic women are amazing role models. If you want to know about womanhood read about Hazrat Khatija and Hazrat Ayesha. If you want to learn about ideal daughter read about Hazrat Fatima. And if you want to read about great Islamic ways of being a woman there are many other role models like the daughter Asma bint Abu Bakr. These are all great and praise worthy women. So many hadith on the purity of wo
  3. Olive oil is amazing in fact as a woman I have been using it as, hair cleaning and it has done wonders for the color A's the silkiness. Beautiful is Muhammad who told us about these wonders
  4. I am a big follower of great hazrat umar and in the book by shibli naumani called farooq e azam he clearly mentions this as a wrong narration. Even as a non believer he lived the females of his family and took care of women folk. He was a disbeliever once but also eloquent in manners to his tribe. Thus is not a true story and should be declared null and void
  5. Hitting kids is bad impulse. One needs to realize that we are all once kids and live and understanding is the key. If you are not a good parent it will be having a disastrous effect. I recommend one recites the supplications of the prophet to ease the pain. Kids are a challenge and a blessing together
  6. Islam is a beautiful religion. Now in this world, books and content is readily available. However, I would like to tell the new Muslims that they have come to the best religion in the world MashAllah. And I wish them the best of love and harmony. One of the best tips is to understand Islam through great scholars. Here are some great Islamic Scholars: Mufti Menek - a wonderful speaker Ahmed Deedat these are some. but do search and search for their lectures. wonderful eye openers. Admin edit: two names removed. Assalaamu 'alaykum We apologise for removing the names. At is
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