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  1. As salamu alaikum to all members :) Lets take lessons from these beautiful verses :)
  2. As salamu alaikum my dear sisters :) How are you all ;) Long time no see :) I have present for the biryani lovers :)
  3. Ooo :) Hahaha okay i see. So since my stomach is not use to that much spice i might throw up :P İ have a such senstive stomach
  4. Don't you feel any pain in your stomach while eating that much spice?
  5. Yeah :) Cos i realized that this thread is getting out of topic :)
  6. İ guess the original curry is spicy. Aww i tried chicken with curry sause :) Absoluety delicious :)
  7. HahHa spicy lovers :) İ wonder the taste in English dishes :) İ literally congratz anyone who manage to eat that much spice :) İ heard from one of my friends that our dishes are tasteless compared to your foods. İ guess we dont put much spice in it.
  8. Ooo okay... The name is realy cool but the spicy part... oo no. Well there are some people who love spicy food in Turkey. We have very spicy kababs. Adana kabab is one of them. İ cant eat much spice cos i have very sensitive stomach ;) But i would try one piece of it :) How do you manage to eat that much spice??
  9. Hahaha biryani :) İ never tried it, i heard its spicy??
  10. Never! :) Even if you give me Turkish baklava and kabab. Still no use ;) İts top secret ;)
  11. Haha sister :) i dont use google profile. İ use a diffrent website :) Sorry :)
  12. Jazakillah for your advice my dear ablacigim :) i will surely follow it. :)
  13. Just the duas i need :) Jazakillah for this awesome thread :) Plz pray that i succesed in my exam.
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