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  1. Video Saudi Statement on the issue is in the description of the Video Non-Muslims travel to Madina, these women decided to push the limits & get caught on Camera and caused global embarrassment to Saudees, that's all!
  2. 47 Killed in a Terrorist Attack by the TTP (see video above) on a Mosque during Dhuhar Salah in Peshawar, Pakistan. TTP has accepted responsibility of the attack in writing of the Terrorist attack.
  3. https://central-mosque.com/index.php/General-Fiqh/meat-of-ahlul-kitaab-people-of-the-book.html
  4. Religion: Muslim Aqeedah: Abu Ja'far Ahmad al-Tahawi (RA) Fiqh: Imam al-Adham Abu Haneefa (RA) To be proven from Qur'aan & Sunnah in the next video...
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