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  1. Aoudhubillahi minahs shaitan nirrajeem Bismillahirrahmanirraheem Two Characteristics of Nafs or Ego Why do the man like prohibited acts? It can be observed that the man normally develops yearning towards the forbidden acts. There is an online game because of which many youth are committing suicide. Effective measures are being taken to stop this game but people watch with more vigor. The zeal towards the forbidden acts is in proportion to the strength to prevent these acts. Adam (AS) was prohibited from eating the fruit of a certain tree. There were many trees that he (AS) could eat from but h
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  2. Translation: There is one man who does dhikr regularly but he is also involved in sins. On the other hand there is another man who is involved in sins and at the same time he does not remember Allah (SWT). The former one is ZAKIR GUNAHGAR while the latter is GHAFIL GUNAHGAR (reckless sinner) The zakir gunahgar does not attain full pleasure from his sins. Due to the barakah of his dhikr, he has some hidden fear that does not allow him to completely enjoy his sins. And it is relatively easy to leave this deficient enjoyment. While the reckless si
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