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  1. Aoudhubillahi minahs shaitan nirrajeem Bismillahirrahmanirraheem Two Characteristics of Nafs or Ego Why do the man like prohibited acts? It can be observed that the man normally develops yearning towards the forbidden acts. There is an online game because of which many youth are committing suicide. Effective measures are being taken to stop this game but people watch with more vigor. The zeal towards the forbidden acts is in proportion to the strength to prevent these acts. Adam (AS) was prohibited from eating the fruit of a certain tree. There were many trees that he (AS) could eat from but h
  2. Aodhubillahi minash shaitaan nirrajeem Bismillahirrahmanirraheem The Hindrance of Ikhlaas: Love for Fame and Wealth The biggest amal (deed) of a man is that of ikhlaas (sincerity-for sake of Allah SWT alone). With ikhlaas, a small deed performed becomes a means of amassing great reward. When a big amal is done ostentatiously, it doesn’t carry any weight or reward. Hazrat Abdullah bin Mubarak (RA) said, “Many small deeds yearn great rewards because of ikhlas and many big aamaal become small due to improper intention”. A man become mukhlis (a sincere person) only when he loses any value
  3. Aoudhubillahi minash shaitaan nirrajeem Bismillahirrahmanirraheem The man of worldliness, is always in prison and difficulty. There is a worldly man and a religious man. The religious man always prioritizes religion irrespective of having the world or losing it. The worldly man prefers the world irrespective of having or losing the deen and he won’t feel the dust or breeze of peace. Only Allah’s slaves are fortunate of obtaining peace and pleasure. There is a skill which is the secret of their freedom. The source of sorrow is unexpected happenings and this is the reality of sorrow or distre
  4. Aoudhubillahi minash shaitaan nirrajeem Bismillahirrahmanirraheem Goodness is Only from Allah SWT Do not attribute any goodness to you when you work in Allah’s path. Be grateful to Allah SWT because it is He SWT Who used you in His SWT path by His grace and favor towards you. If not for Him SWT, we would never have any strength to work. If Allah SWT grants you righteousness, obedience and steadfastness, do not compliment yourself but know that it is from the mere grace of Allah SWT. Always attribute the excellence and goodness to Allah SWT whenever you get to work for Allah’s cause and n
  5. Aoudhubillahi minash shaitaan nirrajeem Bismillahirrahmanirraheem Make Intention People are often deprived of blessings of dhikr because they do not intent advancement and blessings from it. For example, Quran says Salah is effective in preventing sins. But we do not intent to pray to save us from sins. Start praying with this intention, you will see the effect. We have decided to pray and also to commit sins. Perform Salah with the intention to save you from sins by its blessings. You will see the effect. Allah SWT is truthful in His words, offering Salah properly will eliminate sin
  6. Aoudhubillahi minashshaitaan nirrajeem Bismillahirrahmanirraheem Sincerity and Courage Fulfilling the rights of Allah SWT related to one’s inner and outer self with sincerity (Ikhlas) and assiduous attitude is what required from us. A pious elder can say this or not but the command is to not break the zaahiri (superficial) and baatini (related to inner self) laws and to get steadfastness in one’s life. This is the real purpose of the life. Whatever the tasawwuf might mean to people but the real purpose of tasawwuf is to achieve ikhlaas and himmat (courage). The whole purpose of tasawwuf
  7. Bismillahirrahmanirraheem Reforming the inner is indeed difficult The pious elders didn’t pay much attention to the outwardly deeds as their reformation can be done in a minute with a mere change of intention. A be-namaazi (one who does not pray) can start praying in a minute, a beardless man can start growing the beard in a minute, a drunkard can give up drinking in a minute. A faasiq and a faajir can become pious in a minute. It was the akhlaaq of one’s inner-self such as getting rid of kibr (pride) etc. to which they paid more attention for certainly it is a very difficult task. The refor
  8. Bismillah jazaakumallahu khaira for sharing the links but i am particularly looking for ulema in tamilnadu. When i search in google i couldnt find if a particular alim belongs to deoband school of thought. When i call the islamic book stores, they name some author of the books but it is a pity i couldn't find if they are deobandi or not and that puts me off in buying any books when many elderly people here could read only Tamil. This is a very poor state of tamilnadu muslims in updating such info online. Sorry for the rant.
  9. Bismillahirrahmanirraheem Here is the list I found: http://anonahouse.blogspot.in/p/links.html
  10. Bismillahi Yeap that would be a good idea inshaaAllah
  11. Bismillah It would have been nice if the font chosen was normal rather than the stylish ones that makes reading difficult. This is my humble request.
  12. Bismillahirrahmanirraheem Assalamu alaikum ww It would be nice if someone can list the Ulema linked to Darul uloom deoband or their teachings in Tamilnadu and also their works.
  13. Bismillah It would be nice if someone can list some authentic islamic forums like this one. jazaakAllahu khaira
  14. Bismillah Are some of the ahaadeeth authentic such as The beloved Prophet SallAllahu Alaihi wa Sallam commanded: “Whenever you buy anything from the market place first present it to your female children then to your male children.” “When a girl is born to a family, then between the parents and Hell, there shall be a distance of five hundred years.” It has been stated that: When parents rejoice at the birth of a daughter, this is greater than making Tawaaf of the Kaaba seventy times
  15. Bismillah mashaaAllah really inspiring
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