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'Daily Du‘ā' Book (authentic daily adhkār prescribed by the Messenger of Allah salallahu alayhi wasallam)


This pocket sized book contains five chapters:


1) Morning & Evening adhkār to be read everyday.


2) The adhkār before sleep.


3) The adhkār after the prayers,


4) General daily adhkār e.g. Adhkar related to eating, wudhu, clothing etc.


5) The Remedy: adhkār related to the cure and treatment of illnesses, the evil eye and magic.


For the benefit of the readers, the translation of the adhkār and their virtues where applicable have been included.


Also included -

The 3 Du'a cards: (adhkār of morning & evening, before sleep and after salah).

They only contain the Arabic text to make it easy for the reader to read on a daily basis.


Download here

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