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Dua to Read after the Recitation of the Qur'an


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Dua to Read after the Recitation of the Qur'an




1. Allahumma aa-nis wah-shati fi-qabri.

2. Allahummar hamni bil-qur’an-nil azeem waj-‘al-hu li imam-mow wa-nur-row wa-hu-dow wa-rahmah.

3. Allahumma dhakkirni minhu ma nussietu, wa 'alimni minhu ma jahiltu, war zuqni tilaawatahu aa-na-allaili wa-aa-na annahaari, waj'alhu li hujjatan.

4. Ya Rabbal-‘alameen. [itti-haaf Vol.4, Pg. 496]






1. Allah ,divert my restlessness in the grave into peace.


2. O Allah! let me receive Your mercy by means of the Noble Qur’an and make it my guide as well as a source of light, guidance and grace for me.


3. O Allah ! revive my memory of whatever I was made to forget from the Noble Qur’an, grant me understanding of whatever part I know not, enable me to recite it during hours of day and night and make it my main argumentative support (in all matters),


4. O Nourisher of the worlds.


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