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Deeds & Du'a which can be recited for favourable conditions in our country

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Political Uncertainty
“Corruption has appeared on the land and sea because of what the hands of men have earned (by oppression and evil deeds), that Allah may make them taste a part of what they have done, so that they may return (to Allah).” (Surah Rum)
As we are all aware the National and Provincial elections are set to be held on Wednesday the 29th of May 2024. It is incumbent upon the Muslim Ummah to turn to Allah Ta’ala for favourable conditions for Islam and the Muslims of this country as well as for its general citizens. We should make fervent dua that the outcome should not affect us as far as practising Islam is concerned.
Listed below are some deeds that we can engage in for favourable conditions:
•        Salaah, Quraan & Zikr
•        Durood on our Nabi (Sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam)
•        Sadaqah
•        Abundant Taubah
•        Dua
Suitable Duas to be recited
اَللّهُمَّ لَا تُسَلِّطْ عَلَيْنَا مَنْ لَا يَرْحَمُنَا
Allahumma laa tusallit alaynaa man laa yarhamunaa
“O Allah! Do not grant authority (to a leader) over us who will not have mercy on us.” [Tirmidhi]
اَللّهُمَّ آمِنَّا فِيْ اَوْطَانِنَا وَاَصْلِحْ اَئِمَّتَنَا وَوُلَاةَ اُمُوْرِنَا
Allahumma aaminnaa fee owtawnina wa aslih a’immatanaa wa wulaata umoorina

“O Allah, keep us safe in our country and rectify our leaders and those who run our affairs.”



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