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Treading The Path Of The Hereafter.

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As-Salaam alaikum, 

According to Sheikh Najm al-Din al-Kubra, may Allah be Merciful to him, "Whoever wishes to follow the path of the Hereafter must adhere to 8 conditions :

(1) Persistent ritual purity in as much as possible. 

(2) Constant fasting. 

(3) Uninterrupted silence. 

(4) Assiduous seclusion 

(5) Abiding recollection of 'there is no god but God (La ilaha illallah)' 

(6) Enduring submission to God and abandoning any resistence to God Most High. 

(7) Repelling of thoughts that obstruct following the path of the world to come and 

(8) Bonding of one's heart with the Sheikh in solving spiritual problems and interpreting visionary experiences that may occur. "

See the SHEIKH's work titled 

" A Treatise On Spiritual Retreat (Risala fi'l-Khalwa) ", by Najm al-Din al-Kubra for further reading. 

Best Wishes. 

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