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Ayat 159 Of Surat Aal-Imran Considered.

Abu Hafsat

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As-Salaam alaikum, 

Says Allah Ta'ala in ayat 159 Of chapter 3 of the Holy Qur'an, Surat Aal-Imran :-

  "When you have resolved, place your trust in Allah." (3:159).

This ayat touches on the idea of taking God Almighty as a Trustee, to whom we as Muslims who believe in Him, should turn over our affairs to, and let Him manage them. 

This, however, does not imply that one should not strive to put his affairs in order. Rather, it means that one should do the best one can and then leave the rest to God, trusting in His oversight. This relationship with Him, Jallah-Jalalahu, is defined as one of Tawakkul or Trust /Reliance... which brings with it a certain measure of freedom from anxiety and restlessness when things do not go as planned, or as one hoped for. 

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