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Iran attack on Pakistan, Military Options & Shia-Sunni Escalation Scenario

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  • Dawah Team
  1. Introduction
  2. Why did Iran attack Pakistan, now?
  3. Did Iran perceive Pakistan as a soft target?
  4. Why did Pakistan had to militarily retaliate? Was diplomatic dé·marche not an option?
  5. Are there any future repercussions of Iran vs Pakistan confrontation?
  6. Why are Terrorist attacks increasing and become more audacious?
  7. Why are disfranchisement Pakistani citizens supporting Terrorists?
  8. How does Pakistan reintegrated disfranchised citizens?
  9. Do the Governments of Iran & Afghanistan support Terrorism on Pakistani soil?
  10. Should Pakistan target inside Iran & Afghanistan? How does Pakistan stop Terrorism inside Pakistan?
  11. Resolving the Identity Crisis in Pakistan
  12. Pakistan needs heavy investment in Human Resource Development
  13. The biggest weapon against Pakistan...


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