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Live course - The Contemporary Muslimah

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"The Contemporary Muslimah" is a short course designed to enable Muslim women to think deeply about and make critical decisions regarding their identity and how they conduct themselves in the world today. By unpacking ideas often taken for granted, it will invite participants to question their assumptions and their priorities, forcing them out of their comfort zones. 

The course covers a wide array of topics including mental and emotional health, feminism, women's leadership, the fiqh of dressing and beautification and the etiquettes of male-female interaction in various settings. It addresses common critiques on Islam's position on issues related to women such as polygamy, and clarifies the Islamic perspective on contentious contemporary issues like homosexuality and transgenderism. By putting into perspective the purpose of our existence and shedding light on how this purpose is to be achieved, it promises to go beyond being merely informative to being a truly transformative experience.
This comprehensive course is a necessary anchor for Muslim women navigating the choppy waters of internal conflicts and the chaotic world they find themselves in today. It grapples with modern and post-modern realities while deeply rooted in the sacred knowledge tradition. A must for all contemporary muslimahs trying to lead a fruitful life in accordance with the Will of Allah and His Messenger (may Allah bless him and give him peace).
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