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Surat Fatiha and Sciences Of The Qur'an.

Abu Hafsat

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As-Salaam alaikum,

 The first, opening chapter/Surat of the Holy Qur'an...the Fatihah...encompasses four kinds of sciences, which are the very anchor of the religion of Islam. These are:--

(1) The science of the foundations, beliefs and knowledge of Allah Ta'ala and His attributes. This is indicated by His words in the Fatiha: 'ALHAMDU LILLAHI, RABBIL ALAMEEN; AR-RAHMANI RAHEEM' [All Praises are due to Allah, the Lord of the worlds; the Beneficent the Merciful]'  Knowledge of Prophet-hood and this is what is intended by Allah's words: 'LAZINA AN 'AMTA ALAIHIM' [those You have favored;  Knowledge of the contract to the Final End, indicated by His words: 'MALIKI YAUMI-D-DEEN' [King of the Day of Judgement].


(2) The science of the religion and its cognomen is worship, and it is what is meant His words: 'IYAKA NA' ABUDU'  [It is You that we worship]


(3) The science which brings about perfection of character. Its root is arrival at the Eternal Presence, encountering the focal point of Divine Uniqueness, traveling its path and being upright in it. This is indicated by Allah's Words: 'WA IYAKA NASTA'EEN, IHDINAA SIRADAL-MUSTAQEEM'  [and it is You we seek help. Guide us on the Straight Path]'


(4) The science of narrated stories and transmitted news about foregone religious communities, the blessed among them and the wretched, as well as what they achieved from the promises of the spiritually excellent and threats of the evil among them. This is what is intended by His words: 'LAZINA AN 'AMTA ALAIHIM, GHAIRUL MAGRUUBI ALAIHIM, WALA RLALEEN'  [Those You have favored, and not those who have incurred Your anger, nor those who have gone astray]'.

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