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Of Love and The Way To Allah.

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As-Salaam alaikum,

  Some people have this idea that if they love Allah Ta'ala, they will reap benefits, but this is self-interest, not love. Imam Rashid al-Din Maybudi, may Allah be Merciful to him, explains this point when he wrote that "when people choose  someone for friendship, it is their habit to want every ease for their friend and not to let stormy winds blow over  him/them. The Divine custom is contrary to this. Whenever He chooses someone for friendship, He sends the drink of tribulation with the robe of love. When the rank of someone is higher in the station of love, his tribulation is greater. This is why the Prophet (S.A.W) said, 'Surely the people most severely tried are the Prophets, then the Awliya, then the next best, then the next best.'

For further reading on this, see the Imam's


Unveiling of The Mysteries'.

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