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A barber was once cutting a man's hair and the barber said: I don't believe in the existence of God
The man asked: 'Why not?'
The barber said: There is so much misery and chaos in the world. If God existed, there would be no mess...
The man said: 'I also don't believe in barbers...'
The barber asked confused: 'How do you mean?' 
The man said to the barber: 'Do you see those men outside with long hair?'
The barber said: 'Yes' ..... The man said: If barbers existed, those people would not walk around with long and messy hair.
The barber said: 'We exist, but people don't come to us!'
The man said: 'Exactly. God also exists, but people don't turn to God for guidance. That's why there are so many problems in the world.
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