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The World As A Prison.

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                                                   "-This world is the prison, and we are the prisoners: dig a hole in the

                                                     prison and let yourself out!

                                                   What is this world? To be forgetful of God; it is not merchandise and silver

                                                  and weighing-scales and women.

                                                 As regards the wealth that you carry for religion's sake, 'How good is righteous wealth

                                              (for the righteous man)'! as the Prophet recited.

                                              Since he cast out from his heart (the desire for) wealth and possessions, on that account

                                             Soloman did not call himself (by any name) but ''poor''.

                                           Although the whole of this world is his kingdom, in the eye of his heart the kingdom is nothing."

                                                                                    (Jalaluddin Rumi in his Mathnawi, Vol 1, Book 1, Trans. R.A Nicholson).


 In itself, worldly wealth is good, the worldliness from which we have to seek deliverance is in desiring riches and becoming attached to them.... because more often than not, love of wealth enters the heart and destroys its purity.

According to Qisasu-l-ambiya (Tha'alabi), the humility of Prophet Suleiman, peace be upon him, was so great that he would often consort with the lowly, saying, "A lowly man sits beside one who is lowly."  A believer whose heart is closed against worldly desires can never sink and perish; his spiritual poverty enables him to surmount every temptation and live in perfect peace with God, scorning the kingdom of this world which belongs to him as God's vicegerent. 


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