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Calling out double standards of world leaders and media

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The double standards of world leaders and journalists has definitely been made apparent since the Ukrainian crisis happened. The blatant racism clear for all to see

Following khutbah is worth a listen and worth reflection. We should educate ourselves and others!

Reflections on the Russian Invasion of Ukraine
Dr. Yasir Qadhi


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People should talk about Palestine as they do Ukraine, says Egyptian squash star Ali Farag

Egypt’s World No. 1 squash player Ali Farag has brutally exposed the hypocrisy of the West and the media on the Ukraine crisis saying the ‘Palestinians have been going through that for the past 74 years.’ As expected, Farag’s speech on the Ukraine crisis was removed from the official video posted on the tournament’s YouTube channel.

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Ayman Mohyeldin

The Russian invasion of Ukraine can serve as a teachable moment about the double standards that have become glaring and honestly troubling here in the west.

The government and major media outlets have a tremendous amount of influence on who is called an invader, who is called a liberator, who’s a terrorist, who’s defending their homeland, who I can donate money to and who I can be publicly sympathetic to on social media.

The right and wrong in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine seem unusually clear to all of us and maybe that’s why the words we use to talk about it seem so unambiguous. But why don't we see things as clearly when it involves America and its allies?

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