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Traces Of Divine Names On Our Soul.

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As-Salaam alaikum,

 Give some deep reflection and you will come to realize that whatever becomes to manifest in our soul and its locus of manifestation [mazahar], which is the body, is nothing but the traces of Almighty Allah's Divine Names... nothing but Allah's Names working/showing their effects on us. Just consider it: our body's movements and stillness, the words and deeds, the guises and states and all the attributes-- all are traces of the Divine Names included in the name Allah.

For example, our hering is the trace of the Name Sami'un (Hearing); the soul's seeing is the trace of the Name Seeing (Baseer), its smelling is the trace of the Name Finder (Wajiid); its tasting is the trace of the Name Provider, the soul's touching is the trace of the Name Alive; its eating and drinking are the trace of the Name Nourisher; its sleep is the trace of the Name Death-Giver (Mumeet); its waking, moving and striving are traces of the Name Upraise (ba'ithu)..etc..

Note this well, not a moment do we pass through outside Allah's close watch and assistance... Allahu Akbar..Wa Lillahil Hamd...

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