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Directory of Muslim Counsellors/Therapists


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Islamic counselling

Sukoon Healing


Afshan Khan is an Islamic counsellor, NLP life coach, CBT Therapist, Youth Mentor, Parenting Advisor and a Marriage Counsellor who provides Islamic counselling and mediation service for Muslims.


Need someone to discuss, safely and in a confident environment, issues and problems?


Afshan provides counselling to those in need, assisting in exploring and resolving difficulties, clarifying issues of distress, conflict, bereavement and other related matters.

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Manara Counseling


Aisha Chaudhry

Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern, , 

As a Muslim therapist, Muslim women usually contact me for identity and self-esteem struggles, depression, anxiety, and anger issues due to overwhelm, postpartum balance, or conflict. Some women are facing infidelity or polygamy (being second wives) that brings changes to life. While others struggle with OCD and trauma. Relief can come from even difficult experiences. Parenting can be easier and a little more pleasurable. Whatever your struggle is, I will provide open space free of judgement. All you need to bring with you is courage, consistency, and persistence.
Along with carefully listening to your story, I will help you identify limiting core beliefs, attachment style, and behavioral response patterns. I have successfully treated individuals with trauma, enmeshed family systems, OCD, depression, anxiety, and personality disorders.
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