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The Truth and falsehood---3

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The Truth and falsehood---3

“The Truth grants coolness and tranquility into the breasts.”

By Mohammad Rafique Etesame


When a Muslim acts upon Islamic teachings following Allah’s commandments and Sunnah of the holy Prophet PBUH, then peace and coolness comes to his/her heart due to this. The holy Qur’an makes mention, “Know! The remembrance of Allah gives satisfaction to the hearts” (Al Qur'an).

There are many ways to remembrance of Allah as, to establish worship for five times daily, fasting of Ramadan, paying Zakat, offering Hajj, Nawafil, Tasbeeh, Tahmeed, Tahlil and Takbir etc.


Therefore, whenever a Muslim offers these worships, then he is granted with the eternal wealth of peace and contentment that cannot be described in words.

 It is said that, if the kings knew that what type of sweetness and pleasure of the heart gets these poor worshippers by waking up at night and performing Tahajjud, they would fight them to snatch this “wealth” just as they fight to others to snatch the land.


Usually, If the month of Ramadan falls in summer season, when the heat makes the body restless, even then the Muslims fast, and also those who are patients of diabetes and to whom the doctors have forbidden to fast.


Similarly, Mujahideen (the Islamic soldiers who fight in the way of Allah), do not stop offering prayers even that hey have to offer them in bullets; and the patient who is lying on his death bed, if he cannot speak, gestures to others to make him offer prayers.The question is who forced him to do so?

Because he knows better that the secret of the survival of my life is in the offering prayers.


All these examples show that the real pleasure and tranquility of a believer exists only in the remembrance of Allah and it is dearer to him then his life.


 On the other hand, those who are None-Muslims and/or infidels and polytheists etc. They never find state of peace and tranquility and they always remain restless and burn in the heat of sorrow and worry.



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