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34 years and the stone is still resisting


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Occupied Jerusalem - Qastal: Today marks the 34th anniversary of the Palestinian Stone Intifada, which erupted from the Gaza Strip after a settler ran over a group of Palestinian workers from Jabalia camp near the Beit Hanoun checkpoint, spreading the flames of the popular uprising in Palestine over its entire historical area.

The “Intifada of the Stones” is considered the largest public gift that the Palestinian people are waging after the Zionist gangs occupied Palestine in 1948, which restored consideration to the Palestinian cause after it had been forgotten over the years, and its strategic weapon, the “Stone”.

The spark of the “intifada of stones” erupted after the funeral of the Palestinians that day, 4 workers from the town of Jabalia in the northern Gaza Strip.

Demonstrations swept the town of Jabalia and its camp, during which thousands of young men threw stones and empty and burning bottles at the occupation soldiers.

It extended to every street and alley in the camp, where the occupation soldiers confronted them with live bullets, and the young man, Hatem Al-Sisi (21 years), was martyred as a result; The first martyr in this uprising.

At the time, the occupation believed that these confrontations were a transient response to the crime of the trailer accident, and that things would calm down the next day, but they flared up again and escalated until they spread to the rest of the Gaza Strip camps and the neighborhoods of Gaza City and then the West Bank.

The word “uprising” entered the Arabic dictionary and the dictionaries of other languages in terms of its translation, causing events to become a sensation in the media, especially in the Western media, despite the occupation’s attempt to obscure it.

With the acceleration of events, the Intifada took on a popular character, unity of position, social solidarity, family solidarity, comprehensiveness of confrontation, and widening of the arena of direct confrontation with the occupation in all cities and villages of Palestine.

جويرية يلدز (@juveriayildiz) • Instagram photos and videos

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The First Intifada 1987-1993

It was a normal day until a settler stormed through the crowds of Palestinian workers, ending the lives of four of them and setting stage for an uprising.

34 years since the incident that sparked 6 years of Intifada.

It lasted for 6 years and ended with the announcement of the Oslo Accords in 1993



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