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Women and household work !


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To all of my believing sisters out there who feel “ being stuck at home “ with child rearing and cooking and cleaning day in and day out .... who feel their productivity and creativity is withering away , who feel there is a lot to do out there like going for hifz classes , attending lectures , volunteering for dawah activities and other ways by which they can gain Allah Ta'alas Pleasure.
Do you feel there is less opportunities at home for acquiring great rewards ? 
Then let me remind you of 2 great women of Jannah. 
Hazrat Khadijah and Hazrat Fatimah (ra), may Allah be pleased with them both ...
Hazrat Khadija (ra) was not a scholar of hadith like Hazrat Aisha (ra) ... she did not relate a single hadith, neither did she participate in any battle of Islam. 
Then what are her achievements? Of course being the first revert is the best of them, which is obviously beyond our reach, but is it only that?
No ... her role as a devoted wife and mother of seven children and a pillar of support for her husband in good times and bad, are also priceless achievements, her willingness to serve her husband at all times ... her toil and fatigue ... 
A Hadith states that once as she was coming with food and drink for Rasulullah (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) when he was in the Cave of Hira, Hazrat Jibreel (as) descended with the greeting of Salam from Allah Ta'ala for her and brought glad tidings of a house in Jannah, built of Pearl where there will be no more noise nor fatigue !
Hazrat Fatimah Bint Muhammad (ra)
Wasn’t it her struggles as a wife and homemaker which made her the leader of women In Jannah?
Or have we heard of extraordinary reports about her contributions to deen ?
No ....
It was her simple life , doing household chores taking care of her husband and children and lots of hard work which had bruised her hands ... so much that when she asked for a helper, what did her beloved father Sallallahu alayhi wasallam say: Rather  my dear, recite 33 times each before sleeping SubhaanAllah, Alhamdulilah, Allahu Akbar, that will relieve you and lighten your burden ....
Take home message
Muslim Women at home are doing a wonderful job , it’s enough to get us to Jannah if we are sincere to Allah Ta'ala and grateful to our husbands and fulfil our amaanah to the best of our ability. 
So, the next time you pick up the broom, do it with a smile and a sincere dua : 
“O Allah accept from me!“
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