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2nd November 1917

As part of Britain's long colonial history and its continuous efforts to support Zionism, on this day the Balfour Declaration was issued, carving the way for the Nakba.

The then British foreign secretary, Arthur Balfour, promised the zionists a "national homeland for Jews" in Palestine. He gave a land that he didn't own to those who didn't deserve it.

104 years ago it was called Palestine and it remains Palestine!

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Palestinian land turned onto a garabage dump

A silent weapon used by the Israeli Occupation to keep a tight grip on the remaining lands of the West Bank... A weapon, that brings diseases and slow death upon Palestinians, toxifies the environment, and harms animals.

About the Occupation’s disposal of its waste in the West Bank…







6 (2).png







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A traditional Palestinian breakfast


Eye On Palestine (@eye.on.palestine) • Instagram photos and videos

This is humus (garbanzo beans smashed mixed with sesame purée,lemon juice and olive oil on top. Next is fried cauliflower and next fried sliced eggplants and the rest you should know. If you have a chance try it with pocket bread (hbazzi7359aolcom)


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