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How Amazon supports isreali apartheid


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Full letter from Amazon employees:

Dear Jeff, Andy, and the Executive Team,

In recent history, Amazon has stood up and led public initiatives to recognize the injustice

that many communities are facing. Along with taking a public stance on inequity, Amazon has taken the time to internalize and reflect on how it can change the culture within the company to create a more inclusive and positive environment for all employees.

These efforts should be lauded.

But we're writing to you today on a pressing matter: the human rights abuses facing the Palestinian people. As Amazonians, we believe it is our moral responsibility to stand in solidarity with and speak out on behalf of the millions of Palestinians who, for decades, have not only been dispossessed of their voices and victimhood, but, in essence, their humanity.

There is a long-standing, convoluted, and inhumane narrative that their suffering and deaths do not matter, and, in many cases, are warranted and commendable. Though, in the current milieu, we have seen millennials and Gen Zs see past this, amplifying the pain of Palestinians through various social media channels and demanding that more organizations reflect on where they stand on the issue of settler colonial violence.

Despite numerous UN resolutions and consensus from international human rights organizations, including Human Rights Watch and B'Tsleem, that the Palestinians are living under illegal military occupation and apartheid rule, those in positions of power and influence — who have boldly stood for human rights in so many other causes — have either chosen to remain silent, or have released milquetoast "both sides" statements. Enough is enough. The recent violent and deadly display of Palestinian displacement, disenfranchisement, and dehumanization cannot, once again, be actively or passively endorsed.


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