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Joint action of Palestinians and anti-Zionist Jews to resist occupation of Lifta


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Yesterday, June 12, the Palestinian flag was painted on each door of the houses of Lifta village, whose residents were forcibly displaced because of the Nakba (1948), and the phrase “we will return” was written on the doors of the displaced houses, signifying the affirmation of the return and that we will not leave Lifta and will not allow the occupation forces to carry out their plans to destroy Lifta and build a new Jewish neighborhood on what was left of this village.

The flags were painted in a specific position, a specific place on the sides of the doors, with a specific symbol above them, the letter ש. The reason is that this is a joint action by Palestinians and anti-Zionist Jews who are resisting the occupation together.

This is a reference to the Jewish "Mezuzah", one of the most ancient traditions of the Jewish people, who put a special box with a sacred scroll inside it on the sides of the doors to their houses (the letter ש symbolises one of the holiest names of God, which is written in each and every Mezuzah). This is meant to protect the home, and anyone living or staying in it. This practice is of high significance to the Jewish people, since it originated from the story of Moses liberating them from being slaves in Egypt - a story they tell each year on the holiday of Pesach (Passover in English).

For the Jews, their liberation from Egypt is one of the most symbolic stories in their religion. It has now been used in a striking way to address the occupation in its own language. This symbol is to express their freedom and protection while they occupy the land and people of Palestine ! This time it was used to remind the occupying state and the Zionist regime of the following :


1. The Palestinians deserve to be free, too.
2. The homes of Palestinians from which they were expelled and from which they are still being expelled also deserve protection.
3. The Palestinian right of return is sacred and guaranteed by all international forums and United Nations resolutions (Resolution No. 194).
4. The Jews who participated in this work recognize the Nakba and what happened to the Palestinian people in 1948, and that this slogan is to challenge the occupation and remind it of the truth that it has always tried to obliterate.
Over one of the door arches, they wrote the quote from the Torah, in which God commanded the Jews to put his name on each and every door of their houses :
"וּכְתַבְתָּם עַל מְזוּזֹת בֵּיתֶךָ וּבִשְׁעָרֶיךָ"
The bodies of the adults have left, but the young have inherited the truth and followed the paths of their fathers and grandfathers.

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