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Supporting Palestine is not a Trend


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Whatever we can do to help and to create awareness of the injustice and persecution our brothers and sisters and children are suffereing at the hands of the Israeli govenment, let us all do it from the depth of our hearts.

At the least let us beseech Allah ta'ala to forgive us, have mercy upon us and send His help! 

Let it not be a trend that dies out!

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A Poem for Palestine 

Oh Palestine! 
Oh Palestine!
We see you!
We hear you!
We feel your pain!
We share your pain!
We see your posts!
We share your posts!
We hear your stories!
We share your stories!
We marvel at your resilience!
We are moved by your resistance!
The Zionists want to kill you!
The majority of the world is with you!
They block humanitarian aid!
They lack a humanitarian side!
They massacre and torture then claim self-defence!
They have no shame for their claim of self-defence!
Children are crying!
Children are dying!
Cruelty to the young and old!
Cruelty where no-one is spared!
You have to live on the streets!
We march for you on our streets!
You shed your tears!
We share your tears!
You have no voices!
We shout for you in loud voices!
You cannot have petitions!
We sign for your petitions!
You have no justice in courts!
We fight for your justice in courts!
You have no freedom!
We pray for your freedom!
You suffer everyday!
We stand with you everyday!
You are never alone!
We will never leave you alone!
You cannot forget!
We will never forget!
You live in our hearts!
We join with you in our hearts!
You show us strength!
We learn from your strength!
You seek your freedom!
We fight for your freedom!
You never give up hope!
We live in your hope!
We stand with you!
We are united with you!
Long live Palestine!
Viva la Palestine!
Palestine will be free!
From the river to the sea!
May Allah grant you victory soon!
May we live to see your victory soon!
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