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Son’s earnings & Father’s approval

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This is an excerpt from one of Tariq Masood’s speeches. Its translated more or less meaning.

To maintain relations with your relatives is an important principle in our faith.

If one doesn’t have the hereafter as objective to maintain relations during these times is impossible. Because people are self interested.

As long as you are meeting someone else’s interest, then things are good. The day you are not meeting the other person’s interest, nothing for the other person to benefit from, the relation is no more.

Brothers not on talking terms. Sisters not on talking terms. Fathers don’t appreciate their children if they are not earning and providing.

Is there relationship stronger than between father & son? But today the strongest relationship today is based on money.

Son doesn’t address his father with the right etiquette, doesn’t serve him but to he is fortune has wealth. He continues to provide money to his father.

Father proclaims ‘really good son.’ What is he? ‘He is pious child of mine.’ If that son doesn’t pray & lacks etiquette with his father. That is of no concern to the father. In the end, what matters is the child possess wealth.

On the other hand the same father has another son who is pious but to his fate not successful in business. Whichever business he makes an effort towards, it becomes unsuccessful.  He makes sincere effort but not able to find work. To gain his father’s approval he attempts to massage his father’s feet. But father still disapprove him. Father keeps taunting him ‘this useless doesn’t earn anything’. This happens in society.

Infact the son is still your child. If that individual is not able to earn money despite his sincere efforts, what is big deal?

Son, my relationship is not with you that you only earn and feed me. Even if you don’t feed me you are still my child.

Thus, to maintain relations during these times without possessing fear of Allah its impossible.

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