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Sayyadi Muhiyiddin Ibn Arabi and The Angel.

Abu Hafsat

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''Once, Sheikh Muhiyiddin Ibn Arabi was traveling by ship on a stormy sea. He wrote on a slip of paper: 'Oh Sea, you must be quite because a great sea is on you'.  Then he dropped it into the sea, and immediately it became quite. But afterwards one big fish appeared and said:  'Oh Muhiyiddin, I have a question: If a woman's husband suddenly turned into  stone, would she wait 3 months (the period of divorce) , or 4 months and 10 days (the period for death)'?

Sayyadi Muhiyiddin did not answer but understood that this question was coming because he had spoken a big word, calling himself a great sea. Quickly he made Sajda and asked for forgiveness. That was not an ordinary fish, but an Angel sent by Allah to teach him that for every level of knowledge there is a level higher than it, endlessly.  You can't find a limit for knowledge. For every boasting there must come something to show you your weakness. Allah Almighty is able to give to anyone more than you have.

He degraded and destroyed Nimrod by a lame mosquito. The Prophet, Sallallahu alaihi Wasallam, says: Perhaps some rugged and dusty person whom no-one likes, if he is asking anything from Allah, he will give it to him. This teaches us to be humble people with our Lord. Humble people are always in safety here and hereafter.''

Culled from: 'MERCY OCEANS-BOOK 2- The Teachings of Maulana

                     Sheikh Abdullah Ad-Daghistani An-Naqshbandi''.

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