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First full-fledge online Maktab Madrasah

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We have launched an online Madrasah based on existing syllabus which are fairly consistent throughout Madaaris.

The Fiqh is from the Hanafi school of thought. All other subjects are suitable for all Madh-hab.

Anyone can enroll. Suitable for ages 7+.

Perfect for anyone missing out on Maktab. All essential subjects covered.

Aqaaid, Fiqh, Seerah, Taareekh, Hadeeth, Akhlaaq, Aadaab & Supplications.
Based on existing works by our great Ulamaa.
No live sessions, children can study at their convenient time.
No 3rd party software, no Zoom, no Skype, fully secure.
Earn gems to make learning fun.
Qualified teachers to answer questions sent from the lesson screen.
🏆 Teachers award merits to earn certificates on various aspects.
Customise background, fonts look and feel.
Available anywhere in the world.
Parent portal provided.
Levels 1 to 4. Ages 7+
ℹ️ Only Level 1 available currently.
Affordable with free options available for anyone who cannot afford it courtesy of Lillah donations from the public.
📖 Qur'aan 1 to 1 sessions to be introduced in the future on private servers for maximum privacy and security. Priority given to existing students.

Enroll in 1 easy step. No payments needed for registration.
Visit https://madrasah.ibeuk.org for more info. To make it easy to remember, we also have https://maktab.online (Maktab Online)
Click Enroll to admit your child or yourself.

Please forward and help this message reach those hit by lockdowns, closures or those who do not have Madaaris near by. Be a means of a student's salvation. Please share.

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