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Shaykh Maalik Ibn Dinaar and the Jew.

Abu Hafsat

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As-Salaam alaikum,

 A contemporary of Sayyadi Hassan Basri, Shaykh Maalik Ibn Dinaar, may Allah be Merciful to them both, once rented a room next to the home of a Jew. His room was adjacent to the entrance of the Jew's home. The Jew spitefully always deposited garbage and filth in Maalik's entrance. Even his musalla would at times be soiled. This continued for a long period, but Maalik Ibn Naadir never complained.

One day the Jew came and said: "Does the garbage I deposit in front of your room not distress you?"

Maalik:  "It does distress me, but I wash and clean the place."

Jew: "Why do you tolerate so much distress?"

Maalik: "Allah has promised substantial reward for those who contain their anger and forgive people".

Jew: "Truly, your Deen is beautiful. It commands toleration of even hardships presented by enemies."

The Jew was so affected by the beautiful conduct of Maalik Ibn Dinaar that he embraced Islam.

For further details on this, see:


 Mujlisul Ulama of South-Africa.


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