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Inspiring Quotes Indeed..

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As-Salaam alaikum,

    Find below some highly inspiring quotes from some fine minds of the Ummah:---

                 "Allah Ta'ala also has Paradise and Hell on earth. Paradise is safety and Hell is unsafety.

                    Paradise is to assign all affairs to Allah. Hell is to assign all affairs to the Nafs-e-Ammaarah".- Sayyadi Abu Muhammad Ja'far Saadiq


             "Safety is in solitude. True solitude is that there is no room in the heart for thinking of others [besides Allah].

            Solitude in which the mind is occupied with the thoughts of others is defective." - Sayyadi Uwais Qarni


           Once,  Sayyadi Ibrahim Ibn Adham, may Allah be Merciful to him, asked a man: "Do you wish to enter the assembly of the Awliyaa of Allah? Have no

        care for either this world or the next. Become absorbed in Allah. Consume halal food even if you do not spend the night in prayer and the day in fasting."


         "No one has attained Sainthood by [only] Sallat, Hajj and Jihad. But he who knows what he is eating, attains Sainthood.."  - Ibrahim Ibn Adham

                              (We should be mindful of the food and drink we consume...avoiding haraam food and beverages)

 Culled from: "Scattered Perals-Selected Sayings and Anecdotes of Illustrious Auliya", by

                       Mujlis Ulama of South Africa.





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