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Consider ayat 41, Surat Ahzab.

Abu Hafsat

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As-Salaam alaikum,

 In ayat 41 of Surat Ahzab of the Holy Qur'an, Allah Ta'ala says:--

       "O you who believe! Celebrate the Praises of Allah, and do this often." (33:41)


..do this often.. what is meant by abundant Zikr?  At all times a person is either lying down, sitting or on his feet. Abundant zikr refers to remembering Allah Ta'ala at all times in these states.

A little zikr does us no good.. no benefit.

"Little do they hold Allah in remembrance" (4:142)....as a result,  "(They are) distracted in mind even in the midst of it, being (sincerely) for neither one group nor for another whom Allah leaves straying, never will you find for him the way" (4:143)

A person whose Zikr is insufficient becomes a victim of doubt. You see him not treading the path with confidence... his feet falter and he constantly changes direction. On the other hand, abundance of Zikr eliminates the darkness of the heart... the filth of thought (fikr) is only removed by the abundance of remembrance of Allah (dhikr).. Jallah-Jalalahu.

We must strive to remember Him, Tabaraka Wa Ta'ala, lying down, sitting and whenever we are on our feet. Our hearts should be connected with our Lord in every situation until traces of sinfulness are erased from our veins and muscles.

Edited by Abu Hafsat
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