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Fear and Hope.

Abu Hafsat

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As-Salaam alaikum,

In his book titled 'Ameer-ul-Kaunain (The Master of Worlds)', Sayyadi Sultan Bahoo, reminded us that Imaan (faith) lies between fear and hope. How do we mean? The Sheikh explains that "fear means that one should keep his attention towards the Doomsday, rather, view it before him with open eyes, and should separate himself from lustful wishes of the nafs. You will understand this if you recall ayat 40/41 of Sura Nazi'aat of the Holy Qur'an:--

             "He who prevented his nafs from lustful wishes. Then indeed, Heaven will be (his) abode." (79:40-41)

So, it is evident that only those will enter the Heaven (Paradise) who have the right faith."

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