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Umrah Guide Line Check List

Sumera Khan

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The must-have items cannot be overlooked in any situation as you might face serious hardships on traveling if you leave these at home:

  1. Air tickets
  2. Passport
  3. Passport size 6 photos
  4. ID card
  5. Vaccination record
  6. Hotel and transport vouchers
  7. Relationship verification card
  8. Bank drafts for Hajj payment
  9. Enough cash
  10. Shahadah certificate
  11. Islamic will/guide
  12. Regular Essentials
  13. Keep important medications (Disprin, Ponstan, Strepsils, Cough Syrup, Immodium) or any if you take in normal days. Get yourself and your children vaccinated.
  14. Keep salt in a small bottle to cope up dehydration and whatever juices you wish to have.
  15. Foldable scissors and nail cutter.
  16. Take Miswak
  17. Keep rubber slippers/flip flops in a plastic bag to walk with comfort.
  18. Keep a lot of tissues, baby wipes, and toilet roll.
  19. Unscented petroleum jelly, body cream, and soap are also recommended to carry along due to dry weather conditions.
  20. Keep a prayer mat at priority as you may not get space in Masjid-al-Haram and get a delay in your prayers.
  21. A small belly bag, pouch, and waist belt are also must have things for your general needs.
  22. Keep one or two cups or paper glasses and a small knife.
  23. Keep sufficient tea bags and a water heater for making tea on way.

Follow the Below Procedure Before You Leave For Umrah

For performing a peaceful pilgrimage, consider the above checklist Umrah before you leave your home.

First, make Niyah of the spiritual journey.
Pray two Rakahs Salah for a safe and sound journey. Carry Taqa with you.
Double check all your travel and general documents.
Keep extra copies of your passport, visa, ticket etc. Make two sets and leave one set at home.
Take a goof big suitcase with wheels and tie it with a sturdy rope. Make some identification marks for spotting your luggage from a distance.
Keep 2-3 days survival items in your carry on.
Learn a few phrases and words of the Arabic language.
A cheque is not recommended; keep US dollars (1000.00) to later convert it into Saudi riyals. Do not keep all the money in one place.

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