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Chatting with boys (Shaitan's tricks)

Bint e Aisha

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Some tricks shaaytan uses to convince a Muslimah to chat with boys:

1) shaytan says: “Young girl, in our modern age, every girl chat with boys! Don’t be so conservative dear! We are not in the middle age anymore!”

*Dear sister, don’t listen to shaytan! To chat/to sit with a non Mahram is Haram in Islam! If that becomes the norm, does that mean it is the right thing to do? If the majority of Ummah drink Alcohol (for example) does that mean that other Muslims should drink it too? Of course not! 

A scholar said once:“Take the way of the righteous, do not be fooled by the lack of its followers…And be aware of the path of misguidance, do not be fooled by the high numbers of the lost ones who followed it"


2) shaytan says: “This is boy is just like a brother to you! So why don’t you chat with him?”

*Brother?!! Did your mother give birth to him?!! Dear sister, please beware of feeling safe from the tricks of shaytan. Beware of trusting your own feelings, thinking that you don’t feel anything for this boy and that it’s ok to talk to him..Remember that shaytan is always the third person and he will surely drag you to do things you’ve never thought you would do!

3) shaytan says: “Dear, look how pious this Muslim brother is! why don’t you give him a chance to talk to you so you can benefit from his Islamic knowledge?”
*This trick works with many sisters, especially the pious ones! The shaytaan deceives people and opens the way that leads them to sin. He mixes things that are acceptable with things that are not acceptable, and mixes truth with falsehood. He comes to each person through something that is suited to him. So, for pious sisters, he would come to them with "religious" arguments! shaytan will make sure that the woman who loves Islam and is religiously committed, will be attracted to pious men, just like her, If a sister wants to know more about Islam, she should have friendship with righteous sisters who can help her in increasing her Islamic knowledge and not have chat with a brother for that reason?

Remember dear sister, with shaytan, there is always a trick for everything! Don't let him deceive you & beautify sins in your eyes so that you commit them with no regret or guilt .. Beat him! He is weak, so be a strong Muslimah.

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