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Lessons from the story of Ibrahim AS


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The story & sacrifice of Ibrahim Alayhis Salam
His childhood: His father’s name was Aazar. Aazar was an idol worshipper who also created idols for others. He was misguided and led others towards misguidance. Ibrahim (Alayhi Salam) was nurtured in the centre of this community, where shirk and sins were rife. Many people complain that their childhood corrupted them. Ibrahim (Alayhi Salam) grew up in the worst of environments, surrounded by idols, yet he never used this as an excuse to sin. Over time, he slowly began to give Da’wah to his father. His father became angry and threatened to throw him out of the home. Ibrahim (Alayhi Salam) now had to choose between Allah and his father. He chose Allah and his father threw him out.
Catapulted into the fire: Ibrahim (Alayhi Salam) was later captured and accused of breaking the idols. The community decided to catapult him into a blazing fire. The flames were so fierce and high, the birds would not hover above it out of fear of being burnt. Ibrahim (Alayhi Salam) was chained and catapulted into the fire. There was no turning back now. Watching the horrific event unfold, Jibraeel (Alayhi Salam) request permission from Allah to approach Ibrahim (Alayhi Salam). Mid-air, he enquired if he could offer any assistance. Ibrahim (Alayhi Salam) could have easily sought safety from the fire. But instead, he simply responded that I desire Allah to be pleased with me. Yet again, he chose Allah over his own self.
Leaving His wife and child in the desert: One day Ibrahim (Alayhi Salam) found himself stranded in a desert with his wife, Hajra (Alayhi Salam) and baby son, Ismail (Alayhi Salam). There was no food or water in sight. At that precise moment, Allah called Ibrahim (Alayhi Salam) to leave his family. His soft heart could not bear to break the news to his wife. Thus, he lowered his head and slowly walked away. She enquired where he was going but was met with no reply. Immediately, she realised that this must be the call of Allah. When Ibrahim (Alayhi Salam) nodded in the affirmative, she accepted his leave wholeheartedly. Yet again, he chose Allah over his own wife.
Sacrificing Ismail (Alayhi Salam): Just like all parents, his love for Ismail (Alayhi Salam) grew stronger as he blossomed into a young man. At this point, Allah commanded him to slaughter Ismail (Alayhi Salam). His son Ismail (Alayhi Salam) was no ordinary child, for he too was destined to become a Prophet. Thus, he encouraged his own father to sacrifice him. Together, the father and son duo trekked a high mountain. Ismail (Alayhi Salam) then laid down before his father who grabbed an axe. Yet again, he chose Allah over his own son.
Lessons to be learnt:
1) Be loyal to Allah and He will assist you: Throughout his life, Ibrahim (Alayhi Salam) chose Allah first. He proved that Allah was dearer to him than his own father, wife, child and self. His faith was unshakeable and Allah was only testing it. He never sought to hurt his tender heart. So once he passed these tests, Allah delivered him into ease. When he chose Allah over his father and self, Allah commanded the fire to be cool for him. When he chose Allah over his wife, Allah caused the well of Zamzam to spring forth and quench their thirst. When he chose Allah over his son, Allah ordered a ram to be placed and his son was saved. Every phase that seemed like a breaking point, actually became a making point for Ibrahim (Alayhi Salam). This was due to his loyalty and sacrifice. Likewise, when life pushes you to breaking point, know that it can be a making point for you instead. Just be loyal to Allah and He will carry you through struggle, then He will carry you to ease.
2) The true spirit of Qurbani: In this worldly life, we have been blessed with many different relationships. The greatest relationship is our relationship with Allah. Therefore, Allah commands us to partake in Qurbani annually to renew our relationship with Him. It is not just a sacrifice. The spirit of Qurbani is to reflect upon the life and overall sacrifices of Ibrahim (Alayhi Salam). Thereafter, strive to emulate him by sacrificing sins and evil for the sake of Allah. Lastly, Allah honoured Ibrahim (Alayhi Salam) with the title Khaleelullah – the Friend of Allah. Thus, for those who wish to attain wilayah, befriend Allah by following the friend of Allah. May Allah grant us the ability to do so, Aameen.
Moulana Dawood Seedat


Jamiatul Ulama (KZN)

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