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Excellence in Ramaḍān | The Three Golden Hours

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Excellence in Ramaḍān | The Three Golden Hours


We want to do our best in Ramaḍān. We don’t want to spend a month forgoing food and drink. We want excellence in Ramaḍān. 

We have a general idea; fasting, praying, reciting Qurʾān. But how can you do this better? 

Allow me to suggest the following: Be mindful of three golden hours every day. If you guard these, then you’ll come out of the month having spent a solid 90 hours doing what pleases Allāh. 


The First: Finish preparing fuṭūr early, and spend an hour before Ifṭār making duʿāʾ. Allāh promises the Ṣāʾim answered duʿās. 
Spend this hour (or more or less!) asking Allāh for the goodness of this world and the Hereafter, for yourself, your family and friends, and the Muslims. 


The Second: An hour before Fajr, spend with in worship of Allāh, praying and asking Him to fulfil your needs. 
In the last third of the night, Allāh calls out, “Is there anyone supplicating that I may give him his need; is there anyone seeking forgiveness that I may forgive him.” 


The Third: From Fajr until sunrise. This is the time that you sow the seeds of barakah. Remembrance of Allāh in this hour is an investment, and you will reap the rewards and see success in your day and time. 


These don’t need to be an hour, but it’s a good amount of time to apportion. Sticking to the above requires diligence, dedication, patience, and some more patience. If you strive to do the above while asking Allāh for success, you’ll achieve a good amount of work this Ramaḍān. 

May Allāh give us all tawfīq.

U.Abeer Sadary

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