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Baraka Of A'maal Saaleh (Virtuous Deeds).

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As-Salaam alaikum,

In Islam, virtuous deeds... good deeds always carry blessings or baraka that benefit the one who performs such deeds. In his book titled: 'The Sharhus Sudoor (Analysing Condition of the Deceased and Graves)', Imam Jalaluddeen Suyuti, may Allah be Merciful to him, informed us that Abu Bukra, may Allah be pleased with him, says:-

   "When the time of a person's death nears, Malak ul Maut is commanded to smell his head and after smelling his head,

   he says, 'I am receiving the fragrance of the Qur'an from his head.' It is then said, 'Smell his heart. He says, 'His heart

  contains the fragrance of fasting.' It is then said to him, 'Smell his feet.' He says, 'The fragrance of qiyaam (standing

in Ibadaat) is evident in his feet.' It is then said, 'he has protected his soul (himself), and so Allah has protected him.'


Dawud Ibn Hind, may Allah be pleased with him, reported a narration wherein he mentioned, 'I was afflicted by plague

and due to this I became unconscious. When I regained consciousness, 2 Angels appeared to me. One said to the other,

'What do you sense?' He said, 'Tasbeeh, Takbeer, Walking towards Masjid and some recitation of the Qur'an.'

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