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9 Lessons from Surah Hujurat


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9 Lessons from Surah Hujurat
When a glass breaks, the sound of breaking disappears in mere moments, but the glass pieces are scattered all over, hurting whoever walks over it.
Similarly, when you say something that hurts someone's emotions and feelings, your words disappear, but the pain in the heart remains for a long time.
Therefore, before uttering any statement, remember the nine advises and prohibitions that Allah Ta’ala has given in Surah Hujurat:
1.فتبينوا: "Fa Tabayyanu"
Investigate: whenever you receive an information, ensure it is accurate lest you harm people out of ignorance.
2.فأصلحوا: "Fa Aslihu"
Reconciliation: reconcile between one’s fellow Muslim as believers are brothers/sisters to one another.
3. وأقسطوا: "Wa Aqsitu"
Act justly: whenever there is a dispute and one is attempting reconciliation, act justly among both parties as Allah loves those who are just.
4.لا يسخر : "La Yaskhar"
Don't ridicule people, perhaps they may be better than you in the eyes of Allah.
5.ولا تلمزوا "Wa La Talmizu"
Don't insult one another.
6. ولا تنابزوا:"Wa La Tanabazu"
Don't call each other with offensive nicknames.
7.اجتنبو كثيرا من الظن : "Ijtanibu Kathiiran minaz zan"
Avoid negative assumptions, indeed some of the assumptions are sins.
8.ولا تجسسوا : "Wa La Tajassasu"
Don't spy on each other.
9. ولا يغتب بعضكم بعضا: "Wa La Yaghtab"
Don't backbite about each other. It is a sin equivalent to eating your dead brother's flesh.

Jamiatul Ulama (KZN)
Council of Muslim Theologians

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