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Muharram: Contemporary Q&A in light of Prophetic tradition


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بسم االله الرحن الرحيم


In this brief booklet, some important matters related to the blessed month of Muḥarram, and specifically the tenth of this month ('Āshūrā') have been gathered.

These articles are a collection, which I have taken from my blog www.al-miftah.com, as well as the www.hadithanswers.com website.

May Allah Ta'ālā accept it and make it a means of guidance for all. Āmīn.

Muhammad ibn Ml. Haroon Abasoomar

September 2017 29th / 9th Muharram 1439


The pdf version of this beneficial booklet can be downloaded here: Muharram: Contemporary Q&A in light of prophetic tradition

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