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Role of social media For Spreading of Islam


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Social media has played a vital role in creating a positive image of Islam due to which the number of people converting to the religion Islam have been increasing day by day. There is no doubt that some people continuously try to create a bad image of Islam on social media by creating misconceptions and wrong facts about it. But still, Islam is emerging as the largest growing religion of the world and for this, we cannot ignore the role of social media. The forums created by great Islamic scholars help the people in asking the questions about Islam which they have been keeping in their heart since a long time but were feeling hesitation in asking those questions. 


Since these websites can also hide your identity if you don’t want to show, so people can ask any kind of question openly without feeling embarrassed an can get the answers of these questions from the well-known scholars of Islam. These scholars also provide reference of Quran and Hadith when they give the answer of any question and that is the major reason that the wrong perception about Islam is ending among people and they are showing their interest in Islam. That interest further lead to them converting to Islam. Hence, this positive aspect of social media shows that social media can be highly used for good purposes if we want to use it for that purpose. It solely depends on us, how we utilize the benefits of social media.


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