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Quran - The Book of Allah

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The holy Quran which is the direct message of Allah and meant for the entire humanity and all times to come is the greatest of all books. The Quran's message is universal which is to accept the oneness of Allah and worship Him only. The Quran gives the message of kindness, tolerance, patience, and brotherhood. Those who have accepted this message have been blessed in this world as well as in the hereafter. 


Today, the true message of the Quran needs to be understood. 

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31 minutes ago, adyiqbal said:

Thank you dude, your message is very helpful for me. The Best Book, the Holy Quran is a complete code of life for the Muslims and solution for every problem. We must follow it blindly. 

Please try not to use terms such as "dude" as it shows disrespect...Jazaakallaah

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