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Kid's Night Terrors


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Assalamu Alaykum


My niece suddenly wakes up screaming at night. She gets shivers and chills, afraid of dark, bugs, lizard and cat or any other animal she sees at night.

I guess she sees frightful dreams, she's still quite young and can't express what she's seeing in her dreams.

She just shouts out at a perceived threat, uttering phrases like, "Baw are going to get me!"

"Baw" means ghost in her language. Nothing seems to comfort her. We're worried how to break this pattern as this happens almost every night.


Have anyone got any experience of this or any suggestions please?

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  • Dawah Team


awww poor little girl! Allah grant 'aafiyat and safeguard her from all harm, aameen


I'm sure you pray over her the Quls, Aayatul Kursi and maybe even the Manzil?

Yeah we've tried these things. But I don't think it's the case of Asebi Bandish, Jinnat or Saya etc.
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Waalaikummussalaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu dear sister:


Ameen to aapa's du'aa. Keep praying inshaallah.


I have experience with this and I think some things you should keep in mind is that:

(1) night-terrors aren't like nightmares... kids who have night-terrors don't remember anything about them and actually fall right back to sleep quite peacefully, as if nothing happened.

(2) either way, don't wake her or try to shake her out of it... just gently guide her back to sleep or sit beside her... night-terrors don't last long.


Regardless of what it is she experiences, some suggestions (in addition to what aapa suggested):

(1) consult her pediatrician (might be referred to an ENT or other specialist)

(2) watch her diet - she might have sensitivity to certain foods (not necessarily allergies)

(2) watch her sleep cycle - young kids need at least 10 hours of sleep at night. Is she eating before bed-time - this could cause issues.

(3) watch her sleep environment - any electronics, noise, light, etc. around that might be disruptive?


Alhamdulillah, children don't remember anything about night-terrors when they wake-up! I think they are more terrifying for us than they are for them; and, so, maybe the night-terrors were meant for us as a reminder? I personally don't know any adult who has had such an experience - only children. That's not to say adults don't get them, I just don't know of any. Allahu alam.


Alhamdulillah, children either grow out of them (i.e. night-terrors) or we catch whatever is going on and rectify it. I still don't know what caused my son's night-terrors or what stopped them, but they eventually did stop (completely, alhamdulillah). Around the time they stopped, he had received a number of neurobiofeedback sessions. I can't conclusively say that those sessions helped him but I can't say they didn't help either!


Inshaallah, start with her doctor/pediatrician and don't stress out too much about whatever she is experiencing (other than as a reminder of the torment in the grave and hell-fire - may Allah Ta'aala save us from the trials and tribulations of the grave and the trials and tribulations of the hell-fire, ameen).

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  • Dawah Team

Thanks for your advice, it's helpful, as always - Specifically that part where you mentioned that your son did overcome the fears, Alhamdulillah, I'm hopeful now. Will keep other points in mind too InshaAllah.


Yes her mum consulted a doctor. But Sister's in laws are paying more attention to Jharr Phonk, Taweez Ganda, Amil Baba etc. Though I believe in Ruqyah, Manzil and Masnoon duas as honey api Ummi Talib mentioned but not in Amil babas etc.


One thing I found out recently that on YouTube while watching cartoons of Dolphins and Spider Man she called them Baw. She knows how to open YouTube but now we don't let her watch these types of videos.


Last week when she was at my place, she was just normal, but as soon as I turned off the lights to sleep, she started crying that Baw will come and insisted me to turn it on, so I did, even after being comforted and reassurance that there's no such thing as Baw she continued to fear... then I told her, if Baw comes, to shun them away I'll hit them with her shoe because it hurts them and they're afraid of it"... right after this she suddenly stopped crying and held her both shoes firmly in her hands. Her behavior wondered me, perhaps she was convinced that she can hit them... I think I need to do something like that to shatter her perceived image of Baw to vanish her fears. Though I'm still thinking how should I do that.


Ameen to your duas. Keep praying.

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Alhamdulillah sister... but, my son did not have many nightmares, he had night-terrors. The night-terrors went away, alhamdulillah.


This is what his night-terrors looked like: He would fall asleep normal and quite easily, and be peacefully sleeping when, all of a sudden, he would sit up (in the dark) with a stiff back, pointing at something with one hand and pulling at his mouth with the other, yelling (I don't recall him crying, no tears), eyes open and full of terror... it would last a short while and then he would fall asleep again, as peaceful as before. In the morning, he would wake-up cheerful and energetic as ever masha'Allah and wouldn't recall any of it - alhamdulillah.


He would occasionally see a bad dream (nightmare) and his reaction to that would be totally different: he would talk about it and would cry.


Alhamdulillah, at that time he didn't seem to fear anything around him.




Inshaallah your little niece will overcome her fear of "Baw" don't worry too much about it or create too much hype around "Baw"... for some, it's part of childhood and the more her trusted adults pay attention to this, the harder it may be to let it go. Besides, I think it's normal that a child who hasn't fallen asleep yet doesn't like to be left in the dark where it is harder to see and normal objects look unfamiliar, foreign, abnormal and scary.

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  • Dawah Team

Yes, InshaAllah we can make her feel loved and secure.


Thanks for sharing your experience and for all of your suggestions. That's helpful. Jazakillahu khairan.

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