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40. Food for the Soul - Care of Orphans


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Pearls of Wisdom: No.40


“Food for the Soul”




Allah, The Most Exalted, says:

“And they feed for the Love of Allah,The Indigent, The Orphan and the Captives, Saying: We feed you for Allah’s Sake…” (Qur’an76:8-9) 



The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said:

“When a person assumes the responsibility of providing for an orphan, Allaah shall certainly admit him into Jannah unless he had committed a sin that cannot be forgiven.” (Hadith-Tirmidhi)



Note: To teach humanity the importance of orphans Allah Ta’ala had made The Most Noble Messenger, Muhammad (peace be upon him) an orphan and indeed he  was a Mercy to All of Humanity and by way of example to humanity used to care for orphans and also used to ask his companions to protect them and to treat them well. 



For an inspirational article about an Orphan Child’s Prayer please visit:


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