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39. Food for the Soul - Humility and Pride


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Pearls of Wisdom: No.39

“Food for the Soul”



Allah, The Most Exalted, says:

“Certainly He (Allah) does not love the proud ones.” (Qur’an-16:23)


The Noble Messenger of Allah, Muhammad (peace be upon him) is reported to have said:


Charity does not decrease wealth, no one forgives except that Allah increases his honor, and no one humbles himself for the sake of Allah except that Allah raises his status.”  (Hadith-Sahih Muslim 2588)


NOTE: Humility is often overlooked and regarded as trivial yet it leads to greatness and pride is destructive  and comes before a fall.

A raindrop one day fell into the ocean and regarded itself as low and nothing amidst the countless multitude of drops of the gigantic ocean. While in this state of mind, an oyster swallowed it and the raindrop became a precious pearl over time.

The raindrop became exalted for it was humble. If we humble ourselves then will we be raised in honour and rank. As for him who struts with pride, then pride felled Shaytaan (Devil) from his place among the Angels to the pits of Hell.

Humility is NOT thinking less of yourself BUT it’s thinking of yourself LESS. Pride makes us artificial while humility makes us REAL!



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