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A Young Man's Legacy - Love for the Qur'an


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*** A Young Mans Legacy ***

An 18 year old who had profound love of the Quran and was mostly seen with earphones.....listening to the Quran.
His ambition was to memorise the Quran and become a Qari.
Abubakr was not at all fond of anything that was worldly.
Abubakr opted for non labeled shoes and clothes.
He posted verses from  the Quran read by himself with translations on forums.
Abubakr had between 2 & 3 thousand followers on the forum.
One particular woman who followed him was informed of his death. She stated that since following him, she had turned around her life for the better as a result of his posts and intended to perform umrah on his behalf.
Abubakr recently was talking to his mum when she was not well. His mum asked him that should she pass away,she requested Abubakr to pray and send the blessing and thawab to her.
His response...
How do you know that you will go first?it could be me.
Abubakr had away on jamaat since Thursday evening and had returned on Sunday before passing away on Monday.
Abubakrs brother, Umar who has been trained in first aid tried CPR but failed to revive him at home.
Paramedics arrived within minutes and also tried to revive him with their medical equipment. They also failed.
Abubakr died with his last words.... Kalimah shahadat.
The postmortem was inconclusive, meaning cause of death is unknown. No heart attack, brain hemorrhage or organ failure.
There are so many other points to mention, however there are enough points stated to digest what a tragedy this was.
Abubakr was not an ordinary 18 year old.
How many 18 year olds have such love of the Quran, change peoples lives and have no worldly desires?
How many 18 years old are capable of kalimah shahadat at time of death?

Written by a student of Abukakr's father.

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