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Foreign Pilgrims Loss of Passport Procedures

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In case you lose your passport, you should take the following steps in order to obtain a travel document from your embassy allowing you to leave the country:


1. You should report the loss of passport incident to the police station located within the area where you have lost your passport.


2. The police station will give you a police record confirming the loss of your passport.


3. Then, you should submit the police record to your travel agency.


4. Your travel agency will accordingly give you a printed document with your information; the travel agency must affix its seal to that printed document.


5. Your travel agency will handle the rest of the procedures in connection with obtaining the travel document.


6. After that, either your travel agency or you should visit your embassy while having with you (1) the police record confirming the loss of your passport, and (2) the printed document sealed by the travel agency.


7. At that point, your embassy will issue for you the travel document, by virtue of the police record confirming the loss of passport incident and the printed document issued and sealed by your travel agency; it is preferred that you have other documents confirming the validity of your information such as your ‘Identity Card’ or ‘Work Permit’.


8. Your travel agency or you will then go to the Expatriates Affairs Department located in your area in order to obtain their seal on the travel document so that you can travel back to your country.​



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