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An Echo of the Heart


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An Echo of the Heart Volume 1






The book, A call from the heart, is a collection of
speeches delivered in different places of the world
and on different occasions by my beloved mentor,
Hadrat Maulānā ‛Abdullāh Sāhib Kāpaudrī, may
Allāh perpetuate his blessings forever and ever.


Since Hadrat’s talks in those countries were
before audiences who were not conversant with
the Urdu language, he simplified his language
with the purpose of conveying Islam and the voice
of his heart to them. Consequently, when these
words were penned down, it seemed as though
they were not his own. I compiled these lectures
from cassette tapes.


When reading this book, the reader should bear
in mind that this is not a formal written work. It
is a gist of lectures prepared from cassette tapes.
It is thus not a written style but a spoken style. I
request the reader to try to read this book with
this background in mind.


Hadrat Muftī ‛Abd al-Qayyūm Sāhib, assistant
muftī of Jāmi‛ah Dhabel, was the person who
actually appointed me for the task of compiling
this book. May Allāh  reward him. Āmīn.


An echo from the heart 3
May Allāh  reward the son of Hadrat Maulānā
‛Abdullāh Sāhib and my class-mate, Hāfiz
Muhammad Ibrāhīm Sāhib who phoned me
periodically from Britain – inquiring about the
progress of the book and taking an active part in
its compilation. May Allāh  shower His special
grace on this family, accept this book and make it
a means of our salvation. May Allāh  protect
Hadrat and enable his contribution to continue
till the day of Resurrection. Āmīn.


Was salām

Faqīr Salāh ad-Dīn Sayfī Naqshbandī


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